Vitamin V-Visualization for Cancer Support ™

Cancer can be scary. Most people living in the US know someone who has or had cancer. While it may be impossible to completely eliminate the risk, we can all do our part. Cancer prevention is always the goal. However, if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, you want to work as effectively with your physician as you can. Lessening anxiety and thinking the right thoughts can make a real impact in your recovery.

The Four Tiers of Vitamin V

Tier I. Eliminate fears and create hope and optimism

Tier II. Create a new attitude Identify the attitudes of “exceptional patients”

Tier III. Deal with the side effects of conventional treatment Side effects may include:
  • pain
  • anemia
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • lack of appetite
  • negative body image
  • insomnia
  • depression

Tier IV. Cancer Elimination Imagery Guidelines:
  • Images are positive, personal and meaningful
  • Incorporate all sensory channels (VKA)
  • Repeated
  • Words must form pictures
  • Pictures must trigger emotions

Vitamin V ™ brings to the public the research linking attitude, beliefs and cancer recovery-information that many physicians don’t yet know. Ajamu was the Staff Hypnotherapist at Millennium Healthcare/ Avatar Cancer Center in Atlanta under the guidance of Susan Kolb, MD. Ajamu builds on the ground breaking work of Bernie Siegel, MD, O. Carl Simonton, MD and others that helped establish the relationship between how we think and how we can prevent and recover from cancer. Ajamu distills the latest medical findings and integrates them with the timeless truths in mindfulness, meditation and prayer.

This program was created by a Hypnosis Trainer who has spent the last sixteen years helping people affected by cancer and HIV, researching its causes and how to prevent it. Ajamu works in collaboration with your oncologist. Psycho-oncology is an emerging field that has a significant body of research to support the mind/body connection. This is a program that everyone should become acquainted with, both health professionals and their patients.

There are real changes that you can make to your lifestyle in order to reduce the risk of cancer.

According to the Mayo Clinic there are definite keys to cancer prevention. They include: avoiding tobacco, following a healthy diet, staying within your healthy weight range, limiting your time in the sun and getting regular check ups.

You have probably heard of all these preventative measures but you may not have been able to follow every one of them consistently for various reasons. What if it were to become easy and automatic for you to observe these simple precautions and dramatically reduce your cancer risk? Holistically-minded physicians endorse hypnosis because they know medical compliance is one of the most useful applications of hypnotherapy.

Holistic living, supported by hypnotherapy assists people to eat better, exercise regularly, avoid toxins and effectively manage stress. Each client gets a customized plan depending on specific needs. Ajamu knows you are more than your diagnosis.

Vitamin V ™ increases comfort during treatment and supports the whole person.

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